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Posted on Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 10:04 am
I really should post here more often, but I have no illusion I suddenly will with anything like regularity.  Still, writing (anything) is a good intellectual exercise for me and this morning I will give it a small go!

We are not quite halfway through our summer now and have been enjoying it.  Our routine involves lazy mornings at home (except for camp last week), with some home/school work to be hopefully done by lunchtime, then often but not always something to go do in the afternoon.  I'm lucky that at this age they don't mind doing worksheets over the summer.  G loves them and M accepts them, and both spout the mommy-explanation that they are keeping their brains active so that they are ready for second grade to anyone that asks about it.  Altogether the work takes about two hours to do on average, not at all taxing to be done by noon considering they get up before 7 (and I have the work laid out for them, having gotten it ready the night before).  G will often be working on it when I get up with F around 7:30-8, but M usually waits til she's prompted.

Outings have included trips to local parks, a pool, bowling.  Also errands, which aren't exciting but a necessary part of life.  Last week was our one week of camp -- we were going to do two but the two we wanted to do were held the same week.  So we opted for gym camp which took up just half a day and had them using up a fraction of their seemingly limitless energy.  Both absolutely loved it and I expect we'll be doing it for several summers to come.  Hopefully next year we can also do the other camp again, which is called Camp Invention and is (obviously) more intellectually based.

. . .

Having said that G loves his worksheets, he's of course balking big time today.  Mostly on account of not feeling well - all three kids have summer colds, and I suspect M's ear infection of two weeks ago has come back. Off to the doctor in an hour.

. . .

Our summer work centers on math and grammar, plus some basic geography and vocabulary.  Oh, and daily journal writing, which I often provide a prompt for.  The journal writing has the added benefit of showing me what we need to work more on; towards that end I've found a workbook of practice with homophones and have it on order.  I found numerous free worksheets online, too, but they weren't what I was looking for as they have one practice sentence for each pair.  The workbook has about 10 sentence for each pair/triplet.  I still need to make up a sheet on are/our, which aren't true homophones, and therefore not in the book, but are words we are mixing up.

I'm amazed that after two years of emphasizing that sentences begin with capitals and end with punctuation, we still can't always manage to do it unless it's the central part of the lesson/worksheet.

I'm also amazed that as fabulous a creative writer as Micah is, she is a stilted and repetitive non-fiction writer (Today I'm going to write about what I want to do when I am grown up.  When I am grown up I would like to do...).  I'm sure it's not in the least bit unusual, it's just funny.

Posted on Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 12:54 am

The sadness is finally really hitting me.  Sometimes it's utterly crushing me. 

I don't have much in the way of regrets of things unsaid or undone.  We had a good relationship, and there was time for a bit of final conversation.  But there's so much more she was supposed to be here for, to experience with me, and that's what I regret and will continue to regret for decades.

I feel like I'm still establishing myself as a mother, still setting family traditions that my kids will remember when they're adults.  And my mom's not here anymore to see that, to see me continue to grow as a person.  And she's not here to see her grandkids grow, to see who they will become.  My youngest won't even have a single memory of her and that makes me despair because she was a fabulous person and mom and grandma and it's all so unfair.

I'm just not ready not to have a mommy anymore.


Fiona's birth story

Posted on Tue Apr 6, 2010 at 10:26 pm
Cut for length and the squeamish (though really I don't think there's much in it to be squeamish about).Collapse )


In which I whine like a baby

Posted on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 7:08 am
I suggest not reading my LJ entries for the next two months unless you can stand to hear me whine all the time. For anyone not on FB, I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and got myself all edu-macated about it (in theory) yesterday morning.

This morning sucks already. I woke up early, while it's still quite dark outside. After determining that I am not going to get back to sleep as I'm already hungry, I get up. Then I get to turn on the bathroom light and blind myself and fumble with learning how to test my ketones before I'm allowed to pee. Color chart shows I have a trace of ketones; I don't know what this means. I mean I know it's supposed to be no ketones, and a higher level means check with your doctor right away, but I don't know if it's really worrisome or expected that it'll sometimes be a trace.

By now I'm really hungry, can't-wait-another-second-starving. This is normal for me for breakfast (when pregnant) and why I typically start with milk or yougurt drink because they're near instantaneous foods. But I remember that before I eat I have to test my blood sugar. I get toast started toasting and go fumble with the test kit to do that. Results are 98, which sound good to me until I write them down on the chart that reminds me that it should be below 90 before I've eaten for the day.

Go get a partial glass of milk while waiting for toast and drink some. Toaster dings, toast is burnt. Cry, throw up (but hey I didn't pee my pants, so it could have been worse, right?), start making more toast. Eat toast and realize I didn't save enough milk to wash it down properly (water just doesn't do it for me), but can't have more milk. Come to LJ to complain.


LabCorp of Owings Mills sucks

Posted on Mon Jan 4, 2010 at 11:37 am
I've been previously unimpressed with the Owings Mills location of LabCorp. Despite this, I usually go there for bloodwork because they're right next to the OB's office which is handy. Long wait times, technicians who leave the tourniquet on while they draw blood, and always having a bruise were an inconvenience worth putting up with because of the handy location.

Last visit was more annoying than usual. I showed up right as they took an hour break for lunch -- my mistake though that fact is in small print at the bottom of a printout on their door. After waiting the hour and being the first in the door, I still had to wait an extra 20 minutes before the technician came back from lunch, which was highly annoying (it's one thing to wait because there are patients ahead of you and they are generally slow at drawing blood, another to wait because they can't keep their posted hours).

Well, I just found out that they did worse than I thought that time around. I hadn't realized it, but I was supposed to have had the one-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes (I had tried reading the form because I knew the test would be soon, but the abbreviations they use were indecipherable).

When I went in for my regular OB checkup today, they asked about bloodwork since the last visit and I reported that I had had some. The nurse said ah yes, here are the results of the glucose test. Bwa-huh? Yes, it turns out they reported results for a test they didn't administer. And if the nurse hadn't specifically mentioned that test (or if I hadn't known what it involved from the last go-round), no one would have known I hadn't had it yet.

I'm really pretty ticked off by this, I can't understand how they possibly could have reported results for a test they didn't give me. I think I'd have grounds for a lawsuit if I turned out to actually have gestational diabetes.

The Dr.s office will be calling them to complain, but apparently problems with this lab locale aren't uncommon and there's not much they can do as it's independent of them. I will be complaining as well, but at a different location as I have no desire to go back to that particular branch again.

Posted on Thu Dec 17, 2009 at 6:17 pm
The universe is conspiring against my holiday party. Last week the boy got sick, so we rescheduled. Today he came home from school not feeling well and I discovered he had a temp of 102.

And since the threat of needed to cancel for illness isn't perhaps enough, there's also a snowstorm due from Fri night thru Sat night. Not that storms here are usually that serious, this one has maybe 5 inches predicted. But the locals tend to panic and I'm sure would rather stay home, and that's not necessarily a bad idea.

I'm still resisting cancelling for now, but it seems likely I'll need to tomorrow.

*le sigh*

Posted on Wed Dec 16, 2009 at 8:00 am
It's going to be a loooong two weeks of having the cat confined to our room. He was clearly tired of it by yesterday evening, probably partly for not getting to spend any time with me all day, and was crying to get out. He seemed to be contemplating jumping the gate, but I still don't think he could actually make it.

I didn't sleep well again last night from 2-6, which I blame on the cat. I did get sleep on and off at least, in between having him practically on top of my head purring away, or stalking around looking for a hand to nudge into scritching him. At 6 I was awaked to the sound of him puking.

Our bathroom is crowded with the litter box, food and water. Need to move the dustbuster upstairs to keep the tracked litter under control, that's annoying to step on in the bathroom.

Still though, it's better for both of us (cat and me) than having him boarded. I just hope all the effort we're putting in to sterilizing the rest of the house ends up being worth it for my bro-in-law.

Posted on Tue Dec 15, 2009 at 6:35 am
Alright, I'm officially giving up on getting back to sleep for the night. After missing four hours of sleep the previous night, and not having a nap in the daytime, I went to sleep at about 8:30 last night. Then I woke up around 2 and have been awake since. The previous night's insomnia was due to an upset stomach from a bug I caught from the kids. Tonight? Beats me, other than going to bed quite early.

I probably would haven't gotten back to sleep tonight, except by the time I was ready to give it a shot my brain decided to kick full into worry mode.

First worry thought ws the carpet cleaners are due in the morning in the hour that includes when I take the kids to school. So um, must make husband up early just in case he needs to deal with them. This wouldn't normally be an issue, but (1) it would have been nice if I'd thought to pre-warn him and (2) he just had minor surgery yesterday and may not have slept well for a second night in a row. On a related note I need to move a number of minor things out of the way of the living and family rooms in prep for the cleaners, in addition to getting the kids ready for school, so I need not to be groggily waking from having just gotten back to sleep.

Second major worry thought is Christmas prep, or rather, all I've managed to not accomplish in the past two weeks. I'm giving up on much of the things I wanted to get done, because it's not feasible at this point. Maybe I can manage to make a few desserts to freeze this week, but that's looking less and less likely. The clutter spots that I haven't tackled yet are likely to remain cluttered, though there's a couple I really need to do: the foyer table and the coat closet (else no one else's coats will fit). Oh and the kid craft area, as there's a shelf we want clear for liquor storage over xmas. And I'd really like to get books mailed to Hans, not just cause he's been waiting for 6 months but because it'd free up a lot of space in the guest room that they and assorted packing supplies are occupying.

I'm going to go have a quick nervous breakdown, and then get on with prep for the carpet cleaners.

ETA: Worry three: Our dining table seats 8. There will be several meals with 9, which we can probably squeak out since two are kids. 1-2 meals with 11, which is going to make my head explode.

Posted on Wed Dec 9, 2009 at 9:43 am
Dear stomach,

You've reached a new low. Just in case we're not clear, throwing up while walking the kids to school is not acceptable. I know you were mad because one glass of milk was an inadequate breakfast, but if you could have waited just 15 more minutes you'd have been quite happy with an offering of donuts or perhaps a biscuit sandwich from Burger King. Instead you had to wait much longer because I had to run home first to put on a dry pair of pants.

The inadequate breakfast is your fault, anyway, as you conspire daily with my mouth to declare all foods in the house disgusting and unconsumable. I am sick of your completely unreasonable and unmeetable demands. It's been five months of this now, and enough is enough. You were supposed to knock it off two months ago. Heck, even when I was carrying two babies you quit these shenanagans a month sooner than now. This time it's just one child, you have no excuse.

Knock it off, or I will have you stapled.

No love,

Posted on Mon Nov 30, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Progress since Saturday, cut as I know this is booooooring. I'm only recording to keep myself motivated.Collapse )

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